What is equine osteopathy?
Equine osteopathy is a holistic purely manual treatment.
The aim of an osteopathic treatment is always to obtain more mobility.
An osteopathic treatment includes various examinations, including checking shoes, teeth, saddle fit and possibly a riders analysis.
In all cases the therapist tries to stimulate positive changes.
When can equine osteopathy help?
~ with irregular and unsound basic paces
~ with continuous stiffness and insubordination towards the rider
~ with various forms of lameness
~ for horses who don`t easily lift their hoofs
~ with a bad posture in holding the head, neck or tail
~ with back problems, signs of pain
~ after a fall
~ with a badly fitting saddle
~ during a decline in performance
~ with headshaking
~ with blocked joints
~ after foaling complications or during stud
~ during rehabilitation after injuries and operations.
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